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India’s First Business Support Service Outlet

Till date, traditional approach (ie person centric) was being used in business and compliances. There is huge need for the business to get supported by right team sets, who can, not only advise them on business matters, but also enhances their business reach, increases revenue, reduces cost, create tax savings, and ensure 100% tax and regulatory compliances.

We at E-hub, are the business facilitators — which have dedicated ground level team supported by highly skilled resources in the Central team — who are engaged in providing business solutions to its clients. Some of the Tools which are used includes;

  • Direct involvement of highly experienced management team in advisory;
  • Execution team using state-of-the art technology to process nearly a hundred GST returns in an hour;
  • Robotic solution which advises you on the investments based on your personal risk acceptability;
  • Billing and Inventory Solution which Monitors and Manages revenue and income, with 100% compliance.
  • Income tax compliances, audit support and accounts services, etc
  • Vendor Management Services, alongwith GST Automation tools, Auto Reconciliations, Auto Follow-ups and GST Credit Insurance Services

As business is ever changing, so is the technology and opportunities which comes with change. We empower each of the E-hub Franchisee to absorb the change and be ready to tap the new business opportunities.

Our AIM is to consolidate all individual practitioners and give them support of (A) Technology; (B) Experience; (C) Branding; and (D) Networking to enable each of the Franchisee establishment to run a successful business support venture in its region.

EHUBS provide support to business and it’s not a local Suvidha Kendra, but have potential of multi magnitude. If business enterprises are there, then requirement for E-hub services are there.

Where Does Tax Ehub Fits

  • Opportunities which were untapped by the Local consultants the same to be explored
SrOther Practice Area
1GST Advisory and Compliance Service
2Trade Facilitators
3Investment Advisors
4Bank Loan Redressal
  • Availability of High-end Technology which supports
    • GST Compliance
    • Investment Advisory Services
    • Trade Facilitation Service
  • Highly process oriented approach
  • Back-up compliance and support team to ensure Client delivery is 100% all the time
  • Access to Management ensures high end advisory support

GST Compliance Centre (GST Suvidha Kendra)

CN-ehubs are equipped to provide GST Compliance Service using Botree GSP. In addition to the same, each staff of the CN ehubs are trained by Central team and undertake execution of the services under the their guidance.

In case any doubts on advisory or compliance matter, member of CN ehubs have access to Senior Central team who immediately addresses their query and ensure that client is provide top quality services.

GST Planning and Optimisation

Planning and Optimising your tax liability is the right of very tax payer. We are CN-ehubs with the help of Senior Central Team Member analyse and examining the possibility and potential of optimising the tax liability of the client.

We not only advice but are also capable of implementing the same. In other words, complete handhold.

GST Input Credit Insurance

Every member of CN Ehub franchisee has access to the tools developed in Mera GST Invoice which facilitates the tax payers to secure their input tax credits.

By securing their credits, they do not have to worry of any tax credit disallowance, if the supplier do not pay GST.

Billing and Inventory Management System, Accounting System

Every member of CN Ehub franchisee shall enjoy the revenues derived by implementing the Billing and Inventory Management System developed in Mera GST Invoice.

Further, with the help of connectors, the transactions recorded in Mera GST Invoice gets auto accounted in Tally.

Vendor and Client Management System

Every member of CN Ehub franchisee shall enjoy the revenues derived by implementing Vendor and Client Management System developed in Mera GST Invoice.

Under Vendor Management System, the application helps tax payers to be ready with Reverse Charge Implementation, GST Credit Notification, Email Notification of Non-Compliance, Ready to file GSTR 1 of Vendor.

Stock Market Investment Advisory Services

We have signed MOU with one of the leading stock brokers of BSE and NSE, to let CN e-hub be the market place and distribution hub for providing, stock market related services, including mutual fund related services.

Legal Assistance Services

CN e-hub franchisees shall have access to the legal service providers which are associated to e-hubs. This shall benefit each and every CN e-hubs to provide legal assistance services to its clients. Thereby expanding the scope of services which Clients can rely on CN e-hubs.

Audit Assistance Services

CN e-hub franchisees shall have access to team of practising Chartered Accounting to whom they can provide audit assistance services, vide using sophisticated Compliance monitoring tools of Mera GST Invoice.

Advisory Services In relation to banking services

CN e-hubs have within its networks professionals who have specialised in providing advisory services in relation to banking eg bank loans, restructuring bad loans, one time settlement, negotiating better rates.

Benefit of networking

Any business requires strong network of people who are vouch for the quality of your services and at the same time complement your service by providing value added products/ services as may be desired by your clients. At CN e-hubs, the benefit of network is available to all the franchisee partners.

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