Mera GST Invoice

Mera GST Invoice

Mera GST Invoice Mini-ERP application

At Mera GST Invoice, users can expect to have automation tool towards transaction accounting. The said tools aids users to generate Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, respective Invoices, payments, Accounting, GST Compliance.

This said tool also helps is providing, Vendor Management Services, GST Credit Insurance Services, Auto follow-ups with the vendors for GST Compliance, Reconciliation tools.

GST Enabled Mini-ERP

Mera GST Invoice is the cloud based Mini-ERP application which helps the business to automate and digitise (A) Purchase --- Procure to Pay Cycle (B) Sales – Bill to Cash Cycle and (C) Reports and MIS – GST Compliance etc.

This also helps business to undertake negotiations, track shipment, track payments, track GST compliance etc at each invoice level.

Market Place for each Supplier

If the user wish to search the supplier of specific goods and services the current application can help him to give list of all the vendors (registered with us) in nearby area

It helps vendors to market their product and increase sales for no cost.

Global Vendor List

The benefit of cloud helps to add all the existing users into its vendor list. Its error-free pre-approved Vendor Master are already available with the users for undertaking business transactions.

Global Product List

The benefit of cloud helps to add all the products (at each SKU level) into the product master of each new user. The Pre-approved Product Master takes care of HSN and GST Rates and also provides the latest purchase and sales price effected by each user.

Benefits to the Association members

Per-approved Product Master and Per-approved Vendor Master list, helps the trade association to quickly implement the application uniformly across its members. The benefits of association can be leveraged by uniform implementation of GST law across all members.

GST Credit Insurance

As per GST regulatory design, Tax Payer shall be entitled to GST Credits only if its vendor declares the invoice to the Government. Our application immediately highlights the Compliance status and automatically helps to regulate GST payments.

Further, Clients who wish to outsource the risk of such non-compliance by the vendors, the said risk shall be absorbed by us.

GST Vendor Management

The importance of correct compliance by the Vendor is substantially significant in GST Regime. We not only provide the status of compliance for each and every invoice, but also our automation tools sends auto notifications to the vendors highlighting the non-compliance status.

The tool also helps the user to proactively – post seeking approval from vendor – undertake GST filing of sales register on behalf of the vendor.

The application is ready to implement and absorb the issues faced by tax payers whenever reverse charge on procurement from unregistered dealer is implemented.

POS Application

Features like, global product master, global vendor master, price updation option at invoice level, retrieval of latest price, GST Compliance helps in creating unique and distinguishing feature of our POS.

GST Planning and Optimisation

Planning and Optimising your tax liability is the right of very tax payer. We are CN-ehubs with the help of Senior Central Team Member analyse and examining the possibility and potential of optimising the tax liability of the client.

We not only advice but are also capable of implementing the same. In other words, complete handhold.

Billing and Inventory Management System, Accounting System

Every member of CN Ehub franchisee shall enjoy the revenues derived by implementing the Billing and Inventory Management System developed in Mera GST Invoice.

Further, with the help of connectors, the transactions recorded in Mera GST Invoice gets auto accounted in Tally.

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