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Botree Software International Private Limited, has been appointed as GST Suvidha Provider by the Goods and Service Tax Network (GSTN) which is a 100% Government Undertaking. As a GST Suvidha Provider, we are required to facilitate the tax payers to successfully implement GST and enable them to fulfil their GST compliance requirements.

In this connection, we have developed various applications which shall assist Businesses by digitizing and simplifying their transaction processes, undertaking accounting of the same and simplifying GST Filing Process.

One such method of facilitating the tax payers to undertake GST Compliance is set-up CN e-hubs across India, who shall help tax payers to satisfy their GST obligations and help in increasing GST collections for the Government of India.

Objective achieved

MIS / Dashboards

Other Value added services to ease Business Processes


Action Oriented Reports for every user

Solutions provides

Roles mapped across organisation

Auto Vendor – Customer upload

Auto - Compilation of Registers

Auto Validation of data & suggesting for error logs

Process data in secured environment

Real time Data for tax and cash flow optimisation

Tax computation and compliance e-sign

Value added features – customised to user need

Key Features which facilitates CN ehub operations

Single Excel Sheet helps to do compliance of multiple clients

CN ehubs are designed to handle multiple clients. The vide the process of submitting single Excel sheet for multiple clients, helps ehub team to reduce the compliance time and ease in client management. This features becomes extremely important especially in cases where multiple clients seeks GST Compliance close to the filing due dates.

Non-GST Compliance Software

The data required to be uploaded in Excel sheet is very minimal. This helps to undertake GST compliance of the tax payers which do not have highend accounting application/ GST Compliant application.

GST Automation Tools

Application helps to validate the data and instantly highlight the erroneous entries. This saves lots of time by avoiding processing of incorrect data. The tools auto compute and processes the data thereby easing the need to understand compliance requirements.

Data Saving, Processing and Retrieving

User views the complete computation, prior to the same is submitted to Government. This helps the user to reverify the correctness of the data and information which it intended to submit to the Government.

Backend- Central Processing Team

Given that GST is at initial stages if the user are finding it difficult to undertake compliance for any reason, including personal reasons if any, our backend central processing team, helps the said user to fulfil the pending compliance requirements.

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